Small Plates

  • Chilli King Prawns (gf) £5.95

    Sautéed peppers and onions Sriracha mayo dip

  • Calamari (GF) £4.95

    Rocket, tartare sauce

  • 1/2 Kilo of Frank’s RedHot Chicken Wings (gf) £6.50

    Sriracha mayo dip

  • 1/2 Kilo of Honey Chilli Chicken Wings (gf) £6.50

    Sriracha mayo dip

  • Olives & Sundried Tomatoes (vg)(vn)(gf) £4.95
  • Whitebait (gf) £4.95

    Whole, mini fried fish served with tartare Sauce

  • Honey Chilli Chicken (gf option) £6.50

    Thai style crackers, rocket & sweet chilli dip

  • Soup of the Day (vg)(vn) £4.25

    Please ask server for details

  • Sweet Potato Wedges (vg)(vn) £4.95

    Salsa and guacamole

  • Chickpea Bites (vg)(vn)(gf) £4.50

    Salsa dip

  • Cauliflower bites (vg)(vn)(gf) £4.50

    Smothered in Frank's RedHot Sauce & served with a salsa dip

  • Garlic Bread (vg) £4.50

    Toasted ciabatta with garlic butter & cheese

  • Thai Style Crackers £4.50

    Served with sweet chilli sauce

Seafood, Pasta & Salad

  • Seafood Platter £15.95

    Chilli king prawns, squid, battered fish goujons and whitebait. Served with chips, a selection of dips, and a selection of salad and bread. *contains nuts*

  • Fish & Chips £10.95

    Beer-battered cod fillet served with chips, mushy peas, bread and Lavery’s own tartare sauce

  • Lasagne £10.95

    A traditional lasagne recipe layered with béchamel sauce and topped with melted cheese. Served with salad and chips

  • Medley of Salads (vn option) £8.95

    Pea, mint & feta salad, kale and raspberry salad, chickpea salad and Asian red cabbage slaw (vegan without the feta) (See add-ons below)

  • Buddha Bowl (vn)(gf) £8.95

    A base of lime, coriander and sriracha brown rice, cumin and maple roasted chickpeas, sautéed garlic kale and Asian red cabbage slaw (See add-ons below)

  • Add-Ons

    Chickpea bites + £2 (v)(vn)(gf)
    Cauliflower bites + £2 (v)(vn)(gf)
    Olives & sundried tomatoes + £2.00 (v)(vn)(gf)
    Crispy squid rings + £3.00 (gf)
    Honey chilli chicken + £3.00 (gf)
    Chilli king prawns + £3.00 (gf)
    6oz sirloin steak + £7.00 (gf)



    Steak and vegetables in a rich Guinness gravy with a puff pastry lid, served with vegetables and chips

  • VEGAN SHEPHERDS PIE (v)(vn)(gf) £8.95

    A lentil based Shepherd’s Pie served with a mashed potato top, chips and mushy peas


    Lavery’s breaded chicken goujons, served with chips and a sweet chilli dip

  • LOADED NACHOS (vn option) £5.95

    Corn tortilla chips, tomato salsa, grated cheddar cheese, jalapeños and guacamole
    (vegan without cheese)

    Mexican-style three bean chilli + £2.00 (vg) (vn) (gf)
    Pulled pork + £2.00

  • Vegan Chilli (v)(vn)(gf) £7.95

    Mexican-style three bean chilli served with sweet potato wedges, guacamole and tortilla chips

  • Vegan Platter (v)(vn) £8.95

    Sundried tomatoes, olives, chickpea bites, cauliflower bites, Mexican-style three bean chilli, tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa and sweet potato wedges – basically everything we have that is vegan!

  • Lavery's Platter £15.95

    Sticky BBQ baby back ribs, Frank’s RedHot chicken wings, honey chilli wings and pulled pork with sweet potato wedges and onion rings


    Sticky BBQ baby back ribs, salted chilli ribs, a kilo of Frank’s RedHot chicken wings, a kilo of honey chilli wings and honey chilli chicken. Served with sweet potato wedges, onion rings, sweet potato fries, chips and a selection of dips

Christmas Fayre

  • Home Roast Turkey, Ham & Stuffing £14.95

    Roasted Turkey and ham, served with pork stuffing, roast and mash potatoes, cocktail sausage, gravy and a selection of vegetables.

  • Roast Topside of Beef £14.95

    Prime topside of beef with a wholegrain mustard crust served with roast potatoes, mash potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding, gravy and a selection of vegetables.

  • Vegan Roast (v)(vn)(gf) £12.95

    Vegan Roast served with roast potatoes, mash potatoes and a selection of vegetables.

Burgers & Hot Sandwiches

  • THE LAVERY’S STEAK SANDWICH (gf option) £12.95

    A 6oz sirloin steak served on freshly baked bread with Bushmills pepper sauce, accompanied by onion rings and chips. (gf) options available


    An 8oz serving of pulled pork in BBQ sauce, served on freshly baked bread and accompanied by BBQ sauce, sweet potato fries and Sriracha mayo dip. (gf) options available

    Double meat + £2.50

  • Scooby Snack £10.95

    A 6oz steak burger with onion rings, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, smothered in BBQ sauce and served with chips.

    Double meat + £2.50


    Spicy breaded chicken breast topped with jalapeños and cheddar cheese, with a salsa dip and sweet potato fries

    Double meat + £2.50


    Two homemade steak and Guinness burger patties with blue cheese, smoked bacon and onion rings. Served on a brioche bun, with garlic may o dip and chips.

    Double meat + £2.50

  • CHICKEN BURGER (gf option) £8.95

    Freshly breaded chicken fillet burger with a salad garnish, served with a side of chips. (gf) options available

    Double meat + £2.50

  • HALLOUMI BURGER (v) £8.95

    Fried halloumi cheese in a brioche roll with chargrilled peppers, onions and a garlic mayo dip. Served with a salad garnish and a side or der of sweet potato fries.(gf) options available

    Double cheese + £2.50

  • 6OZ STEAK BURGER £8.95

    Prime ground Irish beef burger with a salad garnish, served with a side of chips

    Double meat + £2.50

  • VEGAN SLOPPY JOE BURGER (v)(vn)(gf) £7.95

    Two vegan burger patties served with Mexican-style three bean chilli and onion rings. Serv ed with a salad garnish and a side order of sweet potato wedges. For a (gf) option, onion rings will be substituted with chargrilled onions, please inform your server

    Double patty + £2.50

Sides, Sauces & Dips

All £3

  • Sweet Potato Fries (gf)
  • Garlic Chips (gf)
  • Chips (v)(vn)(gf)
  • Mashed Potatoes (v)(vn)(gf)
  • Lattice Fries (v)(vn)
  • Mushy Peas (v)(gf)
  • Champ (v)(gf)
  • Onion Rings (v)
  • Sweet Potato Wedges (v)(gf)
  • Red Cabbage Slaw (v)(vn)(gf)
  • Brown Rice (v)(vn)(gf)
  • Dressed Salad (v)(gf)
  • Pea, mint, peanut & Feta Salad (v)(vn)(gf)

    Vegan without the feta

  • Kale & raspberry salad (v)(vn)(gf)
  • Chickpea Salad (v)(vn)(gf)
  • Sundried tomatoes, olives & basil (v)(vn)(gf)

Sauces All £1.75

  • Bushmill's Pepper
  • Onion Gravy (v)(gf)
  • Garlic & White Wine Cream

All £1

  • Sweet Chilli (gf)
  • BBQ
  • Garlic Mayo
  • Sriracha Mayo
  • Tartare sauce
  • Frank's RedHot Sauce
  • Vinaigrette